Monday, June 29, 2009

Disabled. Mentally.

Dontrelle Willis
Khalil Greene

What do these players have in common? They were all recently put on the disabled list because of non-physical disabilities. Social anxiety. What kind of injury is social anxiety anyway?

I will tell you what kind, the bullshit kind. I wonder if it is a coincidence that both of these guys are down right terrible. Willis with his 7.49 ERA and just about a walk an inning, and Greene batting .200 and K'ing about twice per walk.

Last time I checked playing terrible was not a reason to hit the DL. It was a reason to hit the minors. They are probably anxious because they suck, and know they will both be without jobs soon.

So the logic here is:

1. Guy plays terrible.
2. Guy loses confidence and
gets anxious.
3. Guy goes on DL.

Wow GM's are getting creative these days. Pretty much teams can make up injuries for guys who are not playing well. Gets them a trip to the minors with out using up an option or having a guy hit waviers. The Yankees did it with Wang this year, and now we see it with these two bums.

How about players and GM's man up and play like Sandy Koufax, like a man.

Just to be fair, Joey Votto also went on the DL with "
Stress related issues". In this case I doubt it was fancy GM moves, becuase Votto was playing great and was arguably the best player on the team.


Missy said...

As i sit here with my Sam Adams that I stole from Gina and think about professional sports players whining about Social Anxiety I feel a strong urge to punch one of them in the face.
Seriously, these boys have the job that so many dream of having, they make the money that so many envy and they need a mental health day? Don't even get me started on how many people I know who don't have jobs or are staring unemployment in the face.(They all still show up to work everyday BTW.) People with families who don't have the perk of saving millions of dollars every year.
So you suck at your job. People talk bad about you. It's hard. Life is hard. Man up, losers.

JP said...

Greinke had social anxiety too, they gave him meds now he's an ace.